Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR: A Vision Inspired By The Future

Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR: A Vision Inspired By The Future

If you’re looking for an immersive experience on the road, let the Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR blow your mind. The futuristic concept car is straight out of the movie Avatar. Get ready to enjoy an out-of-this-world adventure on four wheels!

While other concept cars look like they came out of a movie, Mercedes Benz’s latest concept has taken it one step further. The Vision AVTR, for Advanced Vehicle Transformation, is the brainchild of James Cameron’s film franchise and German automotive company.

The concept car’s exterior may look out of this world, wait until you see its interior.  Its external shape may look like an ordinary bar of soap. However, the illuminated spokes in the wheels and a light-up badge make it look like a car from the future.

Come on, let’s take a closer look at the concept car that can only come from a genius such as James Cameron and a forward-thinking company like Mercedes Benz.

The Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR

A Concept For The Future

Mercedes Benz and James Cameron’s far-out film franchise collaborated to create a car straight out of their vision. It represents what the German automaker wants for their future. The vehicle embodies what mobility would be like in the coming years.

High Performance Without A Compromise

Unlike other top-performing vehicles, the AVTR completely runs without any emission. Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR has not one, not two, nor three, but four electric motors. Every motor is high-performing and is near-wheel-built. The agile implementation is evident in the vehicle’s motors. If you’re looking for what a dynamic luxury should be, the AVTR is for you.

Vision AVTR holds more than 350 kW of engine power that sets a new benchmark for Mercedes Benz’s EQ Power. The power of the four motors is a result of a combination of intelligent torque distribution. You can control all the motors individually. They created all motor parts in a highly efficient manner. And in terms of driving dynamics, they’ve used only the greatest methods possible.

The all-wheel-drive comes with torque vectoring that allows drivers to enjoy abilities unseen before. You can separately drive each wheel letting you move sideways. As a result, you’ll be moving your car like a crab.

AVRT is innovation, safety, and top-notch quality all rolled into one uncompromising vehicle.

Remarkable Charging Proficiency

When compared to the battery systems nowadays, the Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR has an exceptional fast-charging capacity. It’s all thanks to its automated and conductive charging technology. As a result, in less than 15 minutes, the battery is already fully charged.

Aside from the convenience it provides, the battery’s innovative technology provides flexibility. Having a local minimum of 94 millimetres maximizes the multifunctional interior of the vehicle.

The battery has a capacity of more or less than 110 kWh, letting you enjoy up to 700 kilometres without needing a charge.

Organic Technology

Mercedes Benz created the Vision AVTR in line with their innovative electric drive. The creation is based on their dynamic and solid high-voltage battery. It’s a progressive technology founded on graphene-based organic cell chemistry. The automaker’s route helped them get rid of toxic yet expensive materials while making their battery.

The materials used are all recyclable, making the vehicle an unadulterated move towards environmental revolution. Mercedes Benz is creating a road open for the raw materials sector to become more relevant in the automotive industry. Through their efforts, vehicles dependent on fossil resources may become obsolete in the future.

Sustainability All Throughout

A colour-changing fabric covers the sky and most of the back shell of the seat. It’s inspired by the colour of the sea. The material changes colour from light blue and dark blue, depending on the brightness of the surroundings.

Vision AVTR’s seats are polished by DINAMICA®, a completely vegan leather by Miko. The leather is an ecological microfibre that comes with an environmental sustainability guarantee. It’s been made with the same process used in recycling paper. DINAMICA® is derived from PET (plastic, bottles, etc.) and polyester fibres. No harmful chemical elements have been used to produce the leather.

DINAMICA®’s the perfect leather for any luxurious vehicle thanks to its top quality, adaptability, and maximum performance. It also features slip resistance and comfort that will give anyone a welcoming feeling.

Longevity Combined With Grandeur

Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR is the perfect combination of magnificence and durability. The German automaker has made the car resource-efficient as much as possible. It shows how hard Mercedes Benz worked to create a vehicle that can harmoniously coexist with its environment.

It’s undeniable that in the future, humans and technology will exist side by side in nature. The VISION AVTR is the best example of how technology will help man and tools to become one.

A Digital Masterpiece

The Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR is a car beyond just a concept. With the digitalization of vehicles and the focus on efficient energy consumption, auto manufacturing is constantly changing.

Nowadays, the continuing trend is to develop computer chips that will drive self-sufficient cars. The Vision AVTR consumes energy without compromising the vehicle’s drive power. With the neuro-inspired approach combined with neuromorphic hardware, the vehicle is a digital masterpiece.

Immersive Experience Inside And Out

Mercedes-Benz has tried a completely new approach when it comes to the design of the Vision AVTR. The concept not only prioritizes the exterior and interior design but also the user experience. In fact, they have designed the vehicle from the user’s standing point.

They have focused on the needs of the passengers while prolonging their experience.

Intuitiveness At Its Heart

With the help of digital neurons, the Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR can sense a passenger approaching. The digital neurons flow from the grille to the rear wheels, giving the vehicle an almost 360-degrees vision.

Drivers and the Vision AVTR instantly develop a connection with the help of a console. Once the driver places their hand on the control unit, the interior awakens. The car will recognize the driver through their breathing.

The Vision AVTR creates a biometric connection with the owner while increasing their awareness. It’s a result of the presence of digital neurons from the exterior to the interior of the vehicle. The neurons anticipate the flow of data and energy.

What Could The Vision AVTR Mean For The Future?

Looking at the Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR, it’s hard to say what it means for the future of the automotive industry. However, only one thing’s for sure, the Vision AVTR is only the beginning of a progressive future where man and technology dominate the roads.

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