General Towing Advice

General Vehicle Tow Advice

When you’re travelling, you never know what’s going to happen next. You may encounter mechanical issues and your car will break down. All of a sudden, somebody might cut you off and you’ll lose control of your vehicle. When the roads are slippery, your brakes may stop working, and then you end up swerving off.

Plenty of dreadful and ill-fated things can occur while you’re driving, especially if you’re right in one of the bustling roads in Melbourne. When something goes amiss, it would be great if you have someone you can rely on.

Here at The Tow Bar Guys, as one of the top service providers in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria, we can make sure that you enjoy your trip with the guarantee of safety and security.

Why Work with The Tow Bar Guys?

Our team of professionals is equipped with skills and experience to provide you with the top general towing advice. We understand that you want to make sure that when you are on the road, every part of your vehicle works perfectly fine.

Our Team Can Provide You Advice On:

Tow Vehicle

Our experts at The Tow Bar Guys understand that towing will intensify the stress on your vehicle’s safety limits. We acknowledge that it’s important that your car is in first-class mechanical condition. Our team will provide special attention to your cooling system, tyres, suspension, steering, and brakes. If you have an automatic tow vehicle, we will make sure that your transmission oil cooler is suited.

Planning Your Drive

Here at The Tow Bar Guys, we recommend that you get an early start if you’re heading off on your trip. We will make sure that you’ll get the most out of the light traffic conditions. Our team will help you get the opportunity to enjoy the feel for your caravan on the back of your vehicle.

Knowing The Weight Of Your Caravan Or Trailer

According to the law, you can tow up to 1.5 times of your vehicle’s kerb mass. Here at The Tow Bar Guys, we will make sure that your towing mass will be according to the allowable maximum of your handbook. We understand that there are vehicles that are not meant to tow the legal limit. Our team will work on ensuring that you are towing somewhat less than the applicable limit. This, in turn, will make sure that your tow vehicle will not be working to its maximum and reserve your available power.

Measuring The Height Of Your vehicle

Before you leave, you need to make sure that your vehicle height and luggage on your roof rack should be measured. Here at The Tow Bar Guys, we will ensure that your van clears the height clearances. Our professionals will also check if your vehicle might get damaged by low clearance signs on private and public roads. We can also help you prevent any damage from overhanging trees and other obstacles.

Caravan Checks And Maintenance

Before moving your caravan at any period, our team here at The Tow Bar Guys will check if the:

  • Jockey wheel and step-up have been removed
  • Chains and coupling electrical connection are perfectly secured and located
  • Gas bottle has been turned off
  • Cupboards and windows have been fastened
  • Wastewater, water, and power services have been disconnected
  • Parking legs has been fully raised

We will assist you in checking all of your side marker lights and tail/brake lights indicators are properly working. Our staff will also inspect your rear number plate light.

Caravan Tyres

Your tyres’ quality will decline, especially if it has been sitting idle for months or has been unprotected from the weather. We will make sure that all of your caravan’s tyres are all the same. We will also check if the tyres have good tread while having no cracks. Our team will also ensure that the pressures are maintained according to the recommended pressure by your caravan’s manufacturer.

Towbars And Hitches

Different vehicles require different towbars and tow hitches. We will make sure that your caravan and vehicle will be returned to its level position once your towbar is installed. You can consult us for the perfect towbar for your particular rig.

Braking System

At The Tow Bar Guys, we acknowledge that to ensure your safety, your braking system should be in the best working condition. A good braking system will mean that your caravan will never push onto your vehicle’s rear area, which may cause your caravan to sway. We will make sure that this will never happen to you and your car.

Fuel Usage

We understand that it’s expected that your fuel consumption would increase when you’re towing a caravan. Our team also acknowledges that if you regularly tow, your vehicle’s overall life will be decreased. However, our staff can help ensure that your fuel usage would be decreased and prolong the life of your vehicle.

General Towing Advice Services In Melbourne

Here at The Tow Bar Guys, we understand how important it is to stay safe while you’re on the road. We have a team of skilled and well-trained professionals that help us perform top-quality services all over Melbourne and Victoria. Our staff are composed of people who are always working on our goal to be the top automotive service provider all over Australia.

If you require general towing advice or other automotive-related services, talk to us. Send us a message at our email at or give us a call at our number: 0452 669 227.

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