Light Duty Towbars

Light Duty Towbars and Class 2 Towbar

Here at The Towbar Guys, our team can provide you with different towbar installation and repair services. You can choose from our Light Duty (Class 4) Towbars that come with not only the best quality but also offer reliability.

We have a team of professionals that know that Light Duty Towbars are meant to be basic light weight towing units.  Class 2 Towbars are generally meant to transport goods and machinery that weigh 1200 kg max. They can help you tow mountain bike units or small 6 x 4 trailers.

Light Duty Towbars Services In Melbourne

We offer plenty of light-duty towbars services in Melbourne. Our team is equipped with the qualifications and training to work on your light-duty towbar. We will be happy to install, repair, and work on other towbar needs. Our company can give you a 100% guarantee that our services will provide you with security and safety in every service..

We can provide a warranty that your Light Duty Towbars comply with Australian Design Rules, and international standard ISO 3853:1004. You can enjoy confidence with our guarantee.

If you need the perfect light duty towbar for your vehicle, want work installations or repairs, or learn about towbar specifications, talk to our team here at The Tow Bar Guys today! Call us at 0452 669 227 or send us an email at We can provide you with a free quotation!

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