Towing Control Services

Tow Control Services

Are you ready to go out and enjoy going on adventures with your vehicle? You may be excited to haul your camp trailer or caravan out of your garage and go enjoy the freedom of driving on a seemingly endless road. Well, pump your brakes first. If you want to enjoy your tour with friends and family, let’s make sure that you have total control of your vehicle, trailer, and towbars first.

Here at The Tow Bar Guys, we can work on quick and easy checks on your trailer to make sure that you will not be running into any troubles on the road. We will take time to look closely on your trailer wiring and find any common issues.

Why Work With The Tow Bar Guys?

Here at The Tow Bar Guys, we understand that complicated nature of licensing, towing, and road laws all over the different states and territories of Australia. We acknowledge that’s not easy to find information regarding the towing regulations. This is why we got your back whatever your towing control needs are.

Our Team Can Provide You Assistance On


Here at The Tow Bar Guys, we understand that your trailer plug can become vulnerable to being corroded by the weather. Its pins can accumulate dirt, and that dirt may clog up inside. You might even be surprised that a spider or two is inside. Our team of professionals will give your connector pins a freshen up!

We will make sure that we blast the plug to clear out any unwanted objects. Our team will also clean the socket on your tow vehicle and trailer plug. We will wash everything out, connect, and disconnect your plug to make the connection better. Taking these steps, we will help ensure that your trailer will not lose its connection while you’re on the road.

Damaged Wiring

A tear in your wire harness can result in a short in your electricity. Wires can be damaged by your pet thinking they’re a chew toy, rocks hitting your wiring, or any objects you may encounter on the road.

Here at The Tow Bar Guys, we will make sure that your wires under the trailer will be running through a good quality conduit. Our team of professionals will ensure that there will be no hanging wires in any part of your vehicle. We will never use a scotch lock to join any of your wires. Our staff will only use top-quality materials while working on your car.


Contrary to what most people, most trailer plugs have been designed to suit the basic trailers. If a new brake controller is fitted on your vehicle, your brake power wire will be upgraded. However, the dirt will get stranded in it.

Our team of professionals here at The Tow Bar Guys will make sure that your circuits will be working fine, especially when you apply the brakes. We will upgrade your cable and make sure a good chassis to make sure a good metal on metal connection exists. Our team will also make sure that your connection is sealed with a sealant spray.

Poor Connection

Our team understands that quality and connection means everything for your electronics. When the safety of your passengers is concerned, here at The Tow Bar Guys, we will make sure everything works perfectly fine.

We will use circuit analysis to detect any faults on your wiring and trailer brakes. Our team will make sure that none of the installation or wiring is damaged in any way possible. Here at The Tow Bar Guys, you will enjoy our 100% warranty that every connection in your vehicle is in top shape.

Auto and General Towing Control Services in Melbourne

If you want top-quality towing control services, talk to our experts here at The Tow Bar Guys. We acknowledge how essential it is to ensure that you and your passengers are safe while you’re driving. Our team of skilled, well-trained, and licensed professionals will work on providing the best services in Melbourne and other areas of Victoria.

If you need any towing control services, want a piece of advice, or other vehicle-related services, talk to one of our experts here at The Tow Bar Guys. Call us at 0452 669 227 or email us at and get a free quotation!

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