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Baxter is a rural locality under Melbourne and is a township under the Shire of Mornington Peninsula’s local government area. The township is being served by Bacter railway station and was originally known as Baxter’s Flat.

Baxter is a town that was founded by Benjamin Baxter. The pastoralist used to live in a cottage with his wife, Martha, on the property known as Carrup Carrup. It still exists today but is now known as the Frankston-Flinders road.

Eurutta is also another historic cottage in the town of Baxter. It’s a primitive 1850s homestead and was formerly known as Sage’s Cottage. Mulberry Hill, a 1920s American-style residence, can also be found in the area.

If you enjoy sports, you’ll surely love the rural locality of Baxter. Here, you will find the Baxter Soccer Club as well as the rallies of the Mornington Peninsula Pony Club.

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Baxter Towbar Service Providers in the Shire of Mornington Peninsula

The township of Baxter is filled with historic places that you can explore. There are a hundred things to see and do. You can choose to visit Carrup Carrup, Mulberry Hill, or even Eurutta.

But what will you do if you are in need of reliable Baxter towbar service providers in the Shire of Mornington Peninsula?

Gladly, you no longer have to look any further. The Towbar Guys can serve you anywhere you might be in the town of Baxter.

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