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Bayles is a bounded rural village located 75 kilometres southeast of the Central Business District of Melbourne. It can be found east of Koo Wee Rup and within the area previously known as ‘The Great Swamp.’ The village is within the local government area of Shire of Cardinia and was formerly known as the Yallock Village Statement.

In the rural village of Bayles, you can find the closed Bayles Butter Factory. The factory, under the management of Bill Sage, opened in 1921. It grew because of the railway that brought whole milk and cream from neighbouring areas. The railway also brought chaff, sand, vegetables, and potatoes.

Unfortunately, the dairying industry declined and resulted in the closing of the Bayles Butter Factory in 1979. In 1981, the Bush Boake Allen took over the factory and started process chickens and vegetables.

Currently, the rural village of Bayles still has a number of amenities. You can find a pre-school, kindergarten, and regional primary school. The village also has a fauna park, public hall, garage, general store, and tennis courts.

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Bayles Towbar Installers in Melbourne

Even though the rural village of Bayles may seem too far out of touch, there’s still plenty that you can do and enjoy in the area. You can enjoy the wildlife that you can find in places such as Bayles Wildlife Shelter and Bayles Fauna Park.

However, where will you find high-quality Bayles towbar installers in Melbourne?

Well, you can contact The Towbar Guys any time that you want. The Towbar Guys have trained for years to become the best in the whole state of Victoria. Our team of experts have spent endless hours perfecting our skills. We have years of experience and the best tools and supplies to provide you with a 100% guarantee with our every work.

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