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Within the local government area of Yarra Ranges, you will find the small Victoria rural location of Beenak. Beenak is 60 kilometres from Melbourne and only has 25 permanent residents.

If you love going on adventures, the area of Beenak is perfect for you. There are plenty of things to see and do while you are in the location. You can choose from plenty of places to stay in, tours to be part of, and attractions to explore. Every destination that you can find in Beenak has something worth experiencing.

In Beenak, you can find Carinya Park, which is a massive equestrian property. It’s one of the most private locations and only has one cottage. The Orchard Cottage can also be found in the location. It offers views over the orchard, the paddocks, and the forest. The area is one of the quietest places and is surrounded by idyllic areas.

You can find Oscar’s on the Yarra in the rural location of Beenak. In the area, you can relax in the cool and clear waters of the Yarra. You can watch clouds dancing in the clear skies while listening to kookaburras singing. Drown yourself in the revelry of having the majestic Mt. Donna Buang as your backdrop.

If that’s not what you enjoy, you can go to the spacious 3 Kings Bed and Breakfast. It offers luxurious accommodations of their large bedrooms that come with double showers and vanities, huge plasma television, double spa bath, and open gas log fire.

If you’re rather going on a solo adventure, you can go to Wild Orchid Olinda. It’s a stand-alone self-contained cottage nestled into the Doongalla Forest.

Aside from great accommodations, you can go exploring in Billabong Falls, Kiernan Park Equestrian Centre, Upper Yarra Reservoir Park, Buttongrass Nature Trail and Bike and Hike Warburton.

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Beenak Towbar Installation in Yarra Ranges

There are endless adventures you can go to in the location of Beenak. But what if you want to take your car with you and hitch your caravan? Can you get in touch with a reliable Beenak towbar installation in Yarra Ranges?

Gladly, The Towbar Guys can assist you wherever you may in the rural location of Beenak.

The Towbar Guys are the best towbar suppliers and installers in the state of Victoria. We have trained years to perfect our skills and become the best in what we do. Our team of experts have worked hard to solve almost every towbar-related problem.

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If you’re looking for a reliable Beenak towbar installation in Yarra Ranges, talk to The Towbar Guys today. Get in touch with one of our customer service representatives and ask for your free quote. Send us an email at or call our number 0452 669 227.

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