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If you go 18 kilometres southeast of the Central Business District of Melbourne, you’ll find the affluent bayside suburb of Black Rock. The location is under the City of Bayside’s local government area.

The bayside suburb of Black Rock is proud to have beautiful surroundings, native plants by the road, and heathlands. You will also find residential development dates in the postwar period in the suburb. The area is full of recreational reserves that can be found on the shoreline and near the centre of the town.

In Black Rock, you will find the HMVS Cerberus. It’s a breakwater that can be found in the Half Moon Bay. The attraction was formed by HMVS Cerberus, which is a sunken wreck of the country’s first ironclad warship.

Black Rock is the home of the Black Rock Tower, which is a massive four-sided public clock. It’s mounted on a tall brick structured and is located at the intersection of Beach Road and Balcombe Road. The roundabout is a popular starting point for more cyclists.

You can find the Black Rock House in the suburb. The grand residence was built in 1856 by Charles Hotson Ebden.

Red Bluff Cliffs are also one of the attractions that the suburb of Black Rock has to offer. They are cliffs along the beach of the location and can be found next to Half Moon Bay.

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Black Rock Towbar Service in the City of Bayside

The suburb of Black Rock is filled with natural attractions that a day is never enough to explore each one of them. You can spend your afternoons by the beach and get yourself a tan. If you want, you can also drive around with your friends and family.

But what if you’ll need a top-rated Black Rock South towbar service in the City of Bayside?

Gladly, wherever you may be in the suburb of Black Rock, The Towbar Guys are ready to serve you.

The Towbar Guys are the best towbar suppliers and installers in the whole state of Victoria. Every member of the team has trained for years to hone their skills. All employees have dedicated endless hours in trying to solve every possible towbar-related problem. The Towbar Guys are not only certified but are also insured to give you a 100% guarantee with our every work.

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If you’re looking for a top-rated Black Rock South towbar service in the City of Bayside, contact The Towbar Guys now. Our team of customer service representatives are always ready to serve you and give you a free quote. You can call our number 0452 669 227 or send us an email at

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