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Burnley is the suburb you will find 4 kilometres east of the Central Business District of Melbourne. It’s under the City of Yarra’s local government area and has a population of more or less than 1,000.

Burnley is bordered to the east and south by the Yarra River. It’s bordered by the Bridge Road to the north and by Burnley Street to the west. Historically speaking, it’s part of the larger Richmond area. Most Melburnians know the location because of the Burnley Tunnel, which is a massive part of the CityLink transport network.

The suburb of Burnley has a wide range of residential architectures and public buildings. You can find plenty of hotels, churches, factories, and shops. The most prolific pipe organ builder, George Fincham & Sons, is also in the suburb of Burnley.

Burnley has 3 large parks; Ryan’s Reserve, Golden Square Bicentennial Park, and Burnley Park. Ryan’s Reserve is a centre for netball and tennis. The Golden Square Bicentennial Park is where the Burnley Primary School was located. Lastly, Burnley Park is home to Burnley Oval.

Burnley Gardens, a 9-hectare garden, is where you can find 1000 different species of flora. Some of the oldest trees in Melbourne can be found in Burnley Gardens. It’s open to the public 24 hours and 7 days a week and its paths are wheelchair accessible.

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Burnley Towbar Service Provider in the City of Yarra

The suburb of Burnley has plenty of attractions to offer such as parks and gardens. You and your family can enjoy being within reach of your amenities such as factories and shops. There are also so many job opportunities that young professionals can make the most out of.

Now, the question is, what if you are in need of a top-notch Burnley towbar service provider in the City of Yarra?

Gladly, wherever you may be, you can call the services of the best towbar installers in Melbourne and the state of Victoria.

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