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The suburb of Oakleigh is the place you’ll find 14 km southeast of the Central Business District of Melbourne. It was once a large independent city and was later absorbed as part of the eastward expansion during the 1950s.

Oakleigh has a strong Greek cultural influence due to the number of immigrants who arrive during the 20th century. As a result, plenty of people living in the area only speak Greek at home. Gree-themed cafes and restaurants are also abundant in the multiple laneways. Bakeries, butcher shops, specialty shops, and beauty salons run by Greeks are also plenty.

In the suburb, you’ll find a massive historic Central Business District. Here, you’ll find a historic main street known as Atherton Road. There are plenty of older commercial structures such as retail complexes and banks. You’ll also find multi-storey office buildings here. All of these are signs of how far the suburb has come.

In Oakleigh, hotels, retail shops, and dining areas are plenty. A primary school, public Library, Community Hall, RSL, a historical centre, and a police station is also in the suburb. If you’re a sports fan, a football ground and park are in the area.

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Towbar Installers In Oakleigh, Melbourne

Oakleigh is full of advancements mixed cultural influence, making it a haven for people looking to enjoy life. You can spend your days reading a book while sipping a latte or walking the streets and go shopping. A day is simply not enough for you to enjoy the whole suburb of Oakleigh.

However, if you’re driving around and want to bring your family and friends with you, you’ll need to a trailer with you? So, how will you do it? Get reliable towbar installers in Oakleigh of course!

The Towbar Guys will be more than happy to install only top quality towbars on your vehicle. Whether you drive a sedan, SUV, or a pick-up truck, we have the perfect towbar for you. Our team of experts are equipped with years of training and experience to work on almost any vehicle.

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