Car Tow Bar Kit

Car Tow Bar Kit

The Towbar Guys has many years of experience supplying customers with car tow bar kits for all kinds of vehicle makes and models. We can provide you with the kit you need as well as guidance to ensure a successful installation for your tow bar.

Subaru Tow Bar Kit

If you want to get the best Subaru tow bar kit on the market, look no further than The Towbar Guys. As a leading supplier of tow bar installation kits, we’ve helped countless Subaru drivers get the tow bar their vehicle needs regardless of the make or model.

Toyota Tow Bar Kit

Looking to buy a Toyota tow bar kit? Get in touch with The Towbar Guys to speak with our knowledgeable towbar experts. We can help you find the right Toyota tow bar kit for your specific Toyota make and model, as well as providing the advice you need for installation.

Mazda Tow Bar Kit

If you’re looking for a Mazda tow bar kit at a great price, The Towbar Guys can supply you with the perfect tow bar kit. We sell the highest quality kits on the market that our customers can easily install themselves, allowing them to haul a caravan or trailer safely.

Ford Tow Bar Kit

Anyone that needs to tow a caravan or trailer with their Ford vehicle can find the right Ford tow bar kit for their vehicle at The Towbar Guys. We have a team of towbar experts who can help you find a suitable Ford tow bar kit that’s fairly priced and easy to install.

Mitsubishi Tow Bar Kit

If you’ve been searching for a Melbourne store that has the Mitsubishi tow bar kit you need in stock, speak to The Towbar Guys. We can supply you with a Mitsubishi tow bar kit with high-quality parts that are suitable for your Mitsubishi make and model.

BMW Tow Bar Kit

The Towbar Guys can provide you with a premium car tow bar kit for your specific BMW make and model. We stock all the best car tow bar kits for BMW vehicles, allowing you to tow caravans, trailers and more without any issues.

Enquire About a Car Tow Bar Kit Today

If you need assistance finding a car tow bar kit that’s suitable for your vehicle, or if you would like us to install it for you, enquire with The Towbar Guys today. Call us on 0452 669 227 or send an email to for a prompt response.

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