Caravan Charging Systems

Here at The Tow Bar Guys, we understand that once you are off the grid and on your own, all you have are your battery banks and solar panels. Our team also acknowledges that your tow vehicle charging system is your alternate source of DC power. These are all connected to your Battery Management System (BMS) and if you don’t manage it well or work with an expert, you may end up in electrical trouble.

You can easily take the hassle out of checking your caravan’s charging system with the help of the experts here at The Tow Bar Guys. We can help you in charging your battery banks from solar panels, auxiliary generator, vehicle charging system, or main power automatically.

What We Do:

Through our skills, expertise, and training, we will aid you in:

  • Setting up and install a full solar powered system on your trailer or campervan
  • Avoiding flat batteries
  • Having an automatic control of your charging source
  • Isolating your vehicle battery
  • Fending off overcharging
  • Installing dual battery isolators
  • Monitoring your battery
  • Managing your solar with on-site power
  • Placing early warning of faults

If you need help with your caravan charging systems or want a full off the grid system installed, talk to one of our experts here at The Tow Bar Guys now! You can call us at 0452 669 227. You can also email us at today and get a free quotation.

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